School Savings Clubs

School Savings Clubs

About our school savings clubs

We help lay the foundations for a healthy relationship with money by running school savings clubs at primary and secondary schools in South Powys. We do this with the help of volunteers, teachers and school secretaries.

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Our school savings clubs normally run once a week and children will bring their piggy banks and pocket money into school with them. We count the money and pay it into the child’s junior savings account with the Credit Union. Children help count the money, so they learn the value of the different coins. In most schools, children get stickers as rewards each time they save. We always issue a receipt for the parent.

Children can do small withdrawals with parent consent at the savings club. Larger withdrawals are normally done via BACS for safety reasons. Parents can phone us at any time if they have questions or want to know the balance or make transfers.

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For information about the school savings clubs or if you would like to see a club opened at your child’s school, please phone the office on 01874 620104.